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Paradox Kavorting Field Mice RA NA NJ ACT2J CGC TKA RATO BCAT FDC

Mouse our first Danish-Swedish Farmdog.  She is bold, energetic, happy and loves to play.  She gets along great with the big dogs and is smart as a whip.  We are having a blast training her and she excels at all the things I ask her to do. She is a natural athlete, loves to jump, and is remarkable at her desire to work with her humans.  Her first litter of pups born in 2022 are maturing into equally fabulous athletes and pets.

She was born 7/15/19 and bred by Alison Smith with Paradox Family Dogs in MA.

Health Testing:
OFA hips Good
OFA Elbows Normal 
OFA/CERF eyes normal
PLL carrier (will be bred to clear)
CDDY carrier (will be bred to clear)

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