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Swallowfield All Kitted Out BCAT RATN TKN


Kit is the puppy I kept from the Mouse x Apollo breeding born in 2021.  She is proving to be super athletic, resilient and happy.  She has a lovely topline and hind end conformation.  She loves to run in the woods and play, and survived a bad copperhead bite when she was young.  We will plan to breed her in 2024 with imported semen from Denmark 

OFA prelim hips- normal

PLL- clear/clear

CDDY- clear/clear

BAER- normal both ears


Pedigree for Swallowfield All Kitted Out born 3/2/21




                                                Great Grandsire: Aridgeocrat’s Ernest Hemmingway


                        Grand Sire: Stolta Ebbas Ingjarl Indavallen


                                                Great Granddam: Falkenberg’s Tjalfe Tinka


Sire: “Apollo” owned by Laura Yunger

Gullvivebackens Conrad (Sweden)

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal

DNA tests: CDDY, PLL, HUU, CDPA, DM clear, EH carrier/one copy

Coat Color: E/e  at/at   ASIP BB/ASIP BB


                                    Great Grandsire: Bravestagardens Gunvald


                        Grand Dam: Taxinges Britt-Inger


                                    Great Granddam: Alice






                                    Great Grandsire: Leonberger Z Power of Dream


                        Grand Sire: Amribel’s Flashy Famous Friday “Friday”

                                    (owned by Paradox Kennel/Alison Smith)


                                    Great Grand Dam: Kittenga Flashlight Fiona


Dam:  “Mouse” owned by Martha Tubman

Paradox Kavorting Field Mice RN NA NAJ TKA CGC RATN

OFA hips Good, Elbows and Eyes Normal

DNA tests: Carrier/1 copy for PLL and CDDY, Clear for HUU, CDPA, DM

Coat Color: E/E  at/at   ASIP BS/ASIP BS


                                    Great Grandsire: Kittenga Nice Nintendo


                        Grand dam: MACH3 Paradox Capricious MXG PAD MJC PJD “Caper”

                                    (owned by Kelly Ansaldo)


                                    Great Granddam: Piccobello Excalibur’s Ellie BF

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