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- April 2023 Mouse got her BCAT

- Feb 2023 Mouse and Rosie got their RATO and Kit RATN

- December 2022 Poppy got her JHD sheep and ducks and Mouse and Rosie each got one leg and I tore my ACL (not a title...)


- November 2022 Mouse and Rosie FDC

Rosie Best Puppy in Sweeps, Todd Best Opposite Veteran

- October 2022 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America Todd won Veteran's obedience, rally master and got his FDC to get a Triathelete Award and Martha was kindly awarded "Friend of the Swissy"

- August 2022 Poppy OAP


- March 2022 Poppy and Todd both got their CD titles and Rosie got her RN


- January 2022 Mouse, Poppy and Rosie got their RATN titles

- November 2021 Todd won Best Veteran in Sweeps at the C&PGSMDC Specialty 

- October 2021 Mouse got her novice agility titles 

- September 2021 Vision (Betsy x Dezzy) won best puppy at the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America National Specialty 

- September 2021 Rosie (Poppy x Sam) won best puppy in Fun Match at the National Specialty at only 3 months of age 

- March 2021 Mouse got her ACT2J and Rally Novice Titles

- Fall 2020 Betsy got her Rally Novice Title and Intermediate Trick

- Summer 2020 Poppy and Mouse got their Advanced Trick Titles

- October 2019- Poppy got her Novice Preferred Agility Titles

- November 2019- Piper (July 2018 litter) got her Rally Novice title

- December 2019- Pepper (July 2018 litter) got her AKC Championship

Check out Swallowfield Farm facebook page for updates also!

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