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Danish- Swedish Farmdogs


Farmdogs are a fabulous breed of small dog.  They are about the size of a Russell Terrier- about 12-15 inches tall, 15-20 lbs.  They are short haired, mostly drop eared and full of themselves.   They are currently in the AKC Miscellaneous group but hope to be in the Working Group in the next few years.  They are in FCI group 2.  They are most closely related to pinschers.  


They love to do everything- all the time.  Hiking- up and down the mountains they go, not a care in the world.  Agility- yes, all the things, correctly, if you can just direct them!  Obedience- yes, just tell them where to be and they will be there.  Barn Hunt- of course they will find the rat if only you will listen...  Herding- yes, they will help you push those animals wherever you want them.  Disk, Flyball, tricks, all of it!!  Cuddling on the sofa- yes, they love their comfort and warmth of other bodies.  They cuddle with other dogs and humans alike but really do love their people.  

Please check out the Farmdog FAQ and Health problems section and puppy application 

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