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Pandemic Puppies and Vet Care

I work as an emergency veterinarian and the pandemic has been especially challenging. Many people have been home more and taking better care of their pets, but that means that we are busy and exhausted. We are doing the best we can, but there have been long wait times.

As a breeder, many people want puppies now but puppy mills and brokers have been stepping up and people have been breeding more dogs as well. This is good and bad. Please do make sure that you are getting your pup from a quality breeder or rescue. There are now online scams, and many disreputable breeders. Make sure that your breeder is a member of the local dog clubs as well as the national club for the breed and make sure that they do all health testing possible. Make sure that they will stand by you and your pup no matter what in the future, meaning that they will take them back if needed or help you with any problems.

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